For every event, Stuart Catering deviates from the beaten path. Our out-of-the-box vision of catering enables us to raise events to a higher level. Are you looking for that je ne sais quoi for your business event? Our out-of-the-box mindset leads to original concepts, such as Candy Girls, a themed event or private corner. Candy Girls, dressed in an eye-catching costume adapted to tie in with the theme of your party, are there to entertain your guests. They share confectionery around, like candy floss, macaroons and popcorns. This original approach adds more colour to your party. And what about geisha girls serving up sushi and instructing your guests in the art of Asian party culture? We are happy to discuss a suitable theme for your party and then organise it , right down to the very last detail.

Last but not least, after a long evening, let your guests wind down in a private corner with cushions where they can enjoy some chit-chat , long drinks and lounge music. You might like to opt for an oasis of peace with an Asian theme including water pipes, a VIP corner in pure white, a snug bar, a smoking area with a great touch or a cosy garden lounge in the open air. This kind of private corner can make your business party complete.