No catering event of occasion without a bar to match. Whether its cocktails, champagne, wine or coffee, Stuart Catering has an apposite bar to match. Experienced bartenders are at the ready to assist. Both the design and the drinks are dovetailed to the event in question. A barista can dish up a splendid espresso, macchiato, cappuccino or other coffee. The best cocktail bartenders are guaranteed to provide entertainment. Your passion for cocktails is also our passion: they bring colour and taste – but primarily passion – to your event. Did you know that you can have your own personalised cocktail designed cocktail op maat In the Wine Bar our sommeliers will introduce guests to new wines of the world. The Absinth Bar is exclusive and serves this exciting concoction in a traditional or artful manner. The Espresso and Tea Bar serves up a superb selection of coffees and teas, complete with the finest service and with all the trimmings. The barista raises coffee to new heights … At the Smoothies Bar we create fresh smoothies with the most surprising array of exotic fruits. From the Lemonade Bar we conjure up home-made fruit drinks, ideal for pampering to the kids, or perhaps pimped up with rum or vodka to suit a grown-up’s tastes In creating these traditional and modern mixes, we never lose sight of the tradition and passion for the art of cocktail-making..