Whatever food formula you choose, you are opting for taste, quality and style, as a stand-up or sit-down buffet. Our traditional menu is bound to create allure, enchantment by candlelight, and a stylish atmosphere where attention is paid to every detail. You and your guests will be served culinary delights at a festively decorated table against a backdrop of crystal, silver and fine porcelain. Our modern menu is a mix of innovative ideas, contemporary trends, modern dishes and original and creative buffets. As always, our experienced chefs man the cooking ranges. Showcooking at its best. The sushi-bar and the Asian street kitchen are two spectacular food formulas. The finest sashimi, maki, nigiri and wok dishes are prepared in front of your guests’ very eyes. These à la minute delicacies represent the height of culinary skills. Our lighting-speed Asian chefs provide the entertainment from behind their flaming woks. Geishas instruct your guests in the art of traditional sushi dining. Our professional chefs always work with fresh products. No concept or idea stands in their way. We are happy to listen to your needs and add some je ne sais quoi to your (business) image.